Five Shows I’m Excited to See Next Season

It’s that most exciting time of year when we all find out if our favorite TV shows are being renewed or canceled. It’s like Christmas in May, if Christmas means sometimes your favorite toys get ripped away from you. So this week, I’m going to talk about all the shows I’m excited to see returning,… Continue reading Five Shows I’m Excited to See Next Season

The Top 5 Best Disney Villain Songs

Like most American children, Disney’s animated musicals were an essential part of my life growing up. I’m not sure how many times I watched movies like Aladdin, The Lion King, or The Little Mermaid although I’m sure my parents would say it was too many. Having revisited many of these movies as an adult I… Continue reading The Top 5 Best Disney Villain Songs

We’re Not Living in The Handmaid’s Tale…Yet.

What a chilling tale. I can’t think of a single recent dystopian story that has affected me as much as The Handmaid’s Tale, which is simply because this dystopian nightmare is specifically a woman’s dystopian nightmare. The story follows June, a woman who once worked in book publishing, but after a series of destabilizing world… Continue reading We’re Not Living in The Handmaid’s Tale…Yet.

Sarah Recommends a Book!

Originally, I planned to write about my favorite feminist TV shows this week, but that changed after I picked up a comic book at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books today. Obviously, the cover immediately piqued my interest. I mean, how could it not? A 1950’s housewife mopping up blood in her pink dress… Continue reading Sarah Recommends a Book!