Terrible TV Moms

I have a really great mom. She’s incredibly supportive and loving, and she would do anything for me. Some people aren’t as lucky as me though, and they have to grow up with less than stellar moms. So in honor of Mother’s Day being this past Sunday, I’ve put together a short list of the worst Moms on television. **Beware Spoilers Below**

#5 – Monica Gallagher from Shameless

monica gallagher

Monica talking to the real Gallagher matriarch, her daughter Fiona.

Monica is the mother of all six Gallagher kids, but she flits in and out of their lives as she pleases, leaving her oldest daughter to care for her five younger siblings and deal with her alcoholic father. This is partly due to her drug use and her untreated mental illness, which she unfortunately genetically passes on to her son, Ian. Even though Monica loves her children deeply, it’s hard to ensure they get the proper care when she can’t even provide that for herself.

#4 – Norma Bates from Psycho

norma bates

Norma screaming at Norman about being normal. 

Another mom who cares deeply for her children, but is still incapable of providing the best home life for them. In fact, Norma’s intense love for her son Norman, and her strong desire to protect him is part of what makes her a terrible mother. She’s overbearing and controlling. She’s also incredibly unsuccessful at keeping him safe, and he has several traumatic experiences in the first episode of the series. Norma’s own past traumatic experiences are the reason she becomes so overprotective of Norman, but her overbearing personality sometimes drives a rift between her and Norman.

#3 – Constance Langdon from American Horror Story: Murder House

constance langdon

A real thing that Constance said to someone who is not herself.

It’s hard to be a good mom when you raise your kids in a murder house, but I think even in a non-haunted house Constance Langdon still would’ve been a terrible mother. One of her children becomes a mass murderer, and she locks her disfigured son in the attic. Her daughter, Addy, arguably turns out quite well considering who raised her, but even she exhibits some bizarre behavior at times. Like the other moms on this list, though, it’s clear that Constance loves her children intensely. When a car accidentally hits Addie, Constance tries to drag her body onto the lawn of the murder house so she won’t lose her daughter forever.

#2 – Nancy Botwin from Weeds

nancy botwin

It’s not like tomatoes, Nancy. Not at all.

Although Nancy Botwin originally starts selling weed in order to continue providing a comfortable life for her children, her career as a drug dealer ultimately does them more harm than good. Nancy does her best to hide her job from her children, and when they do realize what Mommy does for a living she refuses to let her older son follow in her footsteps..for a little while. Eventually, her oldest son Silas becomes one of her dealers, and her younger son, Shane, becomes a murderer. Of course, Nancy goes to great lengths to protect her children, including covering up a murder, but ultimately, she’s quite a selfish person. While she began her career as a drug dealer as a way to provide for her family, she enjoys the thrill and money that lifestyle provides for her, and she doesn’t let that go easily.

#1 – Gemma Teller-Morrow from Sons of Anarchy

gemma teller-morrow

This is Gemma holding a gun up to a baby. This baby is not her family so she doesn’t care about it.

I have to preface this entry by saying I really hate this show. I hate this show so much that I’m planning on doing a separate post about how much I hate it one day. That being said, Gemma is one of the few characters I actually enjoy sometimes. She’s a strong character who knows what she wants and she will do literally anything to get. Like all of the mothers on this list, she’s intensely protective of her family, and that includes the entire motorcycle gang that she helped establish. However, that intense loyalty can be a problem. When she believes that her son’s wife has betrayed the club, she brutally murders her before she finds out that her daughter-in-law never intended to betray them. Then she lies to her son, and forces another club member to help her cover up the murder. It’s also heavily implied that Gemma was involved in the plot to kill her son’s father, an event that takes place before the start of the series. There’s no doubt that Gemma is a fierce character but her hunger for power and control make her a terrible mother, and she causes a great deal of tragedy on the show.

It’s important to remember that moms are just people, and people are not infallible. Although, these mothers aren’t the best at protecting or raising their children, there’s no denying their deep love for their children. Sometimes that love just causes them to kill people.


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