Five Shows I’m Excited to See Next Season

It’s that most exciting time of year when we all find out if our favorite TV shows are being renewed or canceled. It’s like Christmas in May, if Christmas means sometimes your favorite toys get ripped away from you. So this week, I’m going to talk about all the shows I’m excited to see returning, and one new one that I’m looking forward to.

Bob’s Burgers

bob's burgers

There wasn’t much fear that beloved animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers wouldn’t be returning in the fall, but that doesn’t make me any less excited. There isn’t another family on television as loving and supportive as the Belchers. The three Belcher kids are some of the strangest children, but their parents never try to change or control their behavior. Instead, they encourage them and love them despite their quirks, which makes the kids incredibly confident. It’s quite refreshing to see a teenage girl like Tina Belcher who exudes confidence even when she clearly isn’t the most popular girl in school. I’m always excited for the return of this show, and that won’t change this fall when it returns for its eighth season.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

crazy ex girlfriend

I became obsessed with this show just as the second season ended this spring after getting multiple recommendations from friends. The title of the show had always kept me away from finding out more about it, but I was wrong to avoid it for so long. This show has everything I love in it; complex female characters, feminism, and musical numbers. It follows the story of Rebecca Bunch, a high-powered lawyer, who leaves her life in New York behind to follow her ex-boyfriend to West Covina, California. I am endlessly impressed by the writers’ ability to create two to three original songs for every episode. Songs that are actually good and fun to listen to even out of context. (Remember when Glee tried to do original songs? It was terrible.) The season two finale left me with a lot of questions, and I can’t wait to get some answers and see where they take the show in season three.

The Last Man on Earth

last man on earth

I absolutely love this strange quirky show, and I was genuinely worried it wouldn’t be renewed for a fourth season. Luckily, though, it’s weirdness gets continues in the fall. The Last Man on Earth follows the story of Phil Miller two years after a deadly virus killed almost all life on earth. If you’re watching other shows about the end of the world right now, just stop and watch this one instead. I think it’s the best show about post-apocalyptic America on TV right now. Even though Last Man is a comedy, they regularly tackle serious situations that would be a real problem if most humans on earth died. In season two, one character suffers appendicitis and since there are no doctors in the small group of survivors, another member of the group has to perform surgery on him. It’s a truly harrowing moment in a show that also frequently features a grown man lying in a margarita pool.

margarita pool



I’m not sure how I feel about all of these revival shows that keep popping up, but this is the first one I’ve been genuinely excited about. Roseanne is a classic TV sitcom that pushed boundaries when it first aired. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what the show is like in 2018. What challenges will the working class family face in the 21st century? I’m also curious about how the show will explain away the notorious events of the original series finale. I think this will be one show reboot you won’t want to miss.

Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders - Season 1

I am so here for this. With the incredible success of recent shows based on real life crimes, like The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, it makes sense that the long-running procedural police drama franchise, Law and Order, would jump on the true crime train. Edie Falco stars as Leslie Abramson, attorney for the Menendez brothers who were convicted of murdering their parents in 1996. While the Menendez murders are relatively well known, they aren’t quite as infamous as the O.J. trial, so the show may not get quite as much attention. However, I’m excited to see Law and Order’s take on the true crime drama, and I hope this isn’t the first miniseries they produce.

Well, that’s it. These are the shows I’m excited to see in the upcoming 2017-2018 season. What shows are you excited to see returning in the fall? Shout them out in the comments!



  1. Chelsea G · May 25, 2017

    I saw the first episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and keep meaning to watch more – it seems so awesome!

    Roseanne I admit I am … nervous about but also intrigued. Given Roseanne barr’s feeling about the election and the Conners’ working class status, I have to wonder how that’ll impact the politics of what was always such a liberal show. And I tend to forget that terrible last season – I guess since John goodman is returning, Dan didn’t die after all? I’d be on board with Jackie being a lesbian though :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • mypopculturediary · May 26, 2017

      I feel the exact same way about Roseanne! I read they were going to undo the events of the original finale, but it’ll be interesting to see exactly how they do that.


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